Take a pirogue ride down the bayous with SanTaa Kroupee and the Easter Bunny as SanTaa Kroupee introduces the Easter Bunny to an old French tradition of paquing eggs!  The Easter Bunny not only learns how to paque eggs but also how to pass a good time – Louisiana style.

Tucked deep in the heart of Louisiana, an old French tradition of welcoming in the New Year still flourishes today...Santaa Kroupee. For generations Cajun families have celebrated the French tradition of a visit from Santaa Kroupee on New Year's Eve. With the arrival of the New Year came stockings filled with candies, fruits, and presents.

"A New Year's Eve Tale" is a delightful story of one mother's childhood recollection of her visits from Santaa Kroupee. Come along for the walk down memory lane and be filled with the joy of the past and the present coming together to continue the magic of Santaa Kroupee.

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