SanTaa Kroupee’s Magic Filé Mélange

SanTaa Kroupee’s Magic Filé Mélange is a mixture (a mélange) prepared especially to let SanTaa Kroupee find you on New Year’s Eve!  Choose your favorite color!

So here’s what you do.
On New Year’s Eve, go outside, (weather permitting and with an adult’s permission and supervision) and sprinkle the magic filé out on your lawn to let SanTaa Kroupee know that you believe in him and that you’d like him to leave wonderful little treats in your stocking on New Year’s Eve.  Sprinkle it in one spot or wherever you’d like.  Use your imagination.  If the weather is terrible outside, it’s o.k. to sprinkle the magic filé in a bowl or saucer and place it on a flat surface near a window.  SanTaa Kroupee will see the magic filé glow as he goes by in his pirougue.  Don’t forget to read the SanTaa Kroupee’s Magic filé poem!  Now remember to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve so SanTaa Kroupee can come by and leave you with a special treat for you to find when you wake up New Year’s morning.


SanTaa Kroupee’s Magic Filé Mélange

On New Year’s Eve

for those that believe,

Sprinkle on the lawn at night

New Year’s morn will bring delight.

Just a smidge of magic filé

and SanTaa Kroupee’s on his way.

Oranges, apples, bananas too

all that’s missing is some roux.

Magic, magic everywhere

just believe you’re almost there.

In your stocking you will find

candies and fruits that are divine!

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